Best Beaches in the Philippines

In desperate need for rest and relaxation? Then travel to the best beaches in the Philippines!

The concrete jungle of the city could be downright suffocating, not to mention the stress of work that seems to pile up as your day progresses. You frown at the impending deadlines for reports you have barely started, stare out the window at a coldly efficient business world and dream about the best beaches in the Philippines. Dream no more! Don’t just take a breather. Take a vacation. It will not only save you from insanity, but rejuvenate you for another chapter of work. And the best way to recuperate is to visit the best beaches in the Philippines.

Best beaches in the Philippines feature # 1: BORACAY

Boracay, located at the northern tip of the island of Panay is world-renowned for being “the whitest beach in Asia.” Its sand is not only the whitest, but the finest and softest. The water is crystal-clear. Tourists come here to go diving, snorkelling, kite-boarding and wind-surfing. Puka shells - those white, tiny, bead-like shells - rarely found anywhere else but in Hawaii, are actually found here. Aside from the water activities, Boracay is a popular hang-out of people who love to party and love to be seen. The merry-making goes on until ungodly hours.

Best beaches in the Philippines feature # 2: BANTAYAN

Bantayan Island, located in the province of Cebu is also famous for its powder-like white sand and crystal-clear water. Unlike the rattle of loud music and the constant cacophony of festive voices of Boracay - that may be a bit unnerving to some - Bantayan beach relatively has a serene and laid-back atmosphere. It has preserved its “virgin paradise” quality.

Best beaches in the Philippines feature # 3: HONDA BAY

Situated in the naturally pristine ecological setting of Palawan where wildlife sanctuaries and protected national parks are found, Honda Bay has both sugar-white sandy and stony beaches. It offers the best dive spot in the Philippines at the Tubbataha Reef Marine Park, a UNESCO World heritage site. The rustic scenery, enhanced by its remoteness, tranquillity and untouched wildlife is truly breathtaking. Be ready though for pesky sand flies.

Best beaches in the Philippines feature # 4: DAKAK

Just like the unadulterated beauty of Honda Bay, Dakak, located near the provinces of Cebu and Dumaguete, offers a pleasurable site for rest and relaxation. It boasts of a powdery white sandy beach with a magnificent island cove as a backdrop. For water sport enthusiasts, Dakak will not disappoint as it is recommended for the ultimate diving experience. On a side note, the area also has natural spring waterfalls.

Best beaches in the Philippines feature # 5: SIARGAO

Siargao is the perfect place for audacious surfers who love chasing immense waves. Waves can rise up to 12 feet high. The surfing season is from August to March. Diving and snorkelling are ideal here as well. Underwater visibility and topography are excellent. The beach quality is unspoiled by urbanity.

If you’re tired of work and want to savor life for a change, then go to the best beaches! And the best beaches are all in the Philippines. Enjoy!

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