Facts About the Encore Superclub in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig

A local review guide for the Encore Superclub in Fort Bonifacio High Street

As a writer, I ventured to many places for local reviews. Since this is, as always stated, based on facts and experience. I would enlighten you on the review of this fine club.

1. Location (Fort High Street, Taguig)

In the supposedly new "Business District" which is "The Fort", Encore is well placed here as a club which stood among the other excellent clubs around here. This location is foreigner and noblewoman/man friendly, so expect the entrance fee to be on the rise.

2. Atmosphere

There are two rooms that are catered to a respective music genre, one is for Hip-Hop and another would be for Techno and Electronica. I've been here on occasions and I found each crowd has it's own culture, the Hip-Hop room has the "wild party" thing going on for them while the "Electronica" crowd has the sophistication for plain chill out and little dancing. Just chill, bask in the atmosphere and enjoy meeting new people, the night's alive and zesty keep it that way for the night. :D

3. The Drinks

There are a lot of choices to drinks to choose from in this club. From ladies drinks, beer, champagne and even, non-alcoholic drinks like tea and water. This is indeed a place for all to party, if you want to keep your sober state when meeting people and exchanging friendly conversation , do it if you want to. 

4. The Music

The have a varied playlist that goes on from Thursday to Saturday (not counting the ballroom playlist on Mondays), though I frequent the Hip-Hop room cause of the more notable music I know and love. Whatever your taste may be, choose it well and you'll be sure to party all night.

5. The Architecture

I love the design of the place, it has the "Futuristic" feel going on with them that makes it timeless for others. The interior is very filling suited for the most excellent of party goers.

All in all, Encore has the perks of being the best Superclub in the metropolitan area. The Booze, the Music, the Babes, you can find it around the busy part of Bonifacio High Street, especially in a place called Encore. This is indeed the place to be with friends, and a place to just chill like you should.

Anyways, feel free to spend your nights at Encore , it will be a very fulfilling party experience.


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