Facts about the Pergola Mall in Paranaque

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An article for the Facts about the Pergola Mall in BF Homes, Paranaque

The Pergola mall is one of the places you'll have the most fun with in Parañaque. It is a shopping complex that is located in the "BF Homes" Housing Village within the city. It houses various stores and places of entertainment to suit the shopper's needs and wants. And in this article you will know about the facts of this shopping mall; it was just completed a few years ago, and it was clearly seen before that it was an abandoned lot.

1. It isn't a mall per se, it's a shopping centre.

The mall's architecture provides a more "laid back" shopping feel in contrast with the "Al Fresco"-like design with a lot of air and room to breathe in. It makes the family feel like they are shopping in their own home, making it like a stroll in the park rather than considering shopping as a "monetary ritual". They even have a centre stage at the ground floor to hold their shows. events and such. The second floor has a foodcourt where people can eat well along with the breezy Parañaque Air, not to mention you can see college students in the afternoon just to communicate with.

2. The establishments are balanced.

They have a wide range of stores suited to each taste, from inspirational bookstores, ice cream parlors to hardware stores, barbeque houses and even, video game arcades. They have a lot of places to suit and cater to for every patron of every age, they have all their tastes satisfied. I'm sure there is have a place to go to for clothes, for yogurts, for school supplies, for utilities and also a place to hang out with friends every night.

3. It's in partnership with JG Summit and Robinson's Supermarket.

The Pergola is integrated with Robinson's Supermarket, a known shopping market brand in the Philippines owned by Business Tycoon John Gokongwei jr. It sports a huge supermarket complex along with a parking lot underneath it. The supermarket also has it's own drugstore, and along with several stands including a bakery, a chinese take-out store and a donut shop. 

All in all, the Pergola provides ease, convenience and great food for you. It is the run-to place for those items you'd like to buy the most. It's Al Fresco atmosphere gives out, once again that "laid back" feeling to think of shopping as a daily stroll rather than a chore, obsession, or a task. 

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